Tuesday, January 26, 2021

HWYSA Spring 2021 Referee Training Program

Interested players (age 12-14), parents or coaches curious about becoming referees are welcome to participate in the HWYSA Referee Training Program. The program will include two days of in person training, practice games and opportunities to referee intramural games.

If you are interested in registering please email anasofia.wacker@gmail.com for more information.

Please find more details on the program below

HWYSA Referee Training Program

Goal: The goal of the HWYSA Referee Training Program is to give young players or interested, parents and coaches the opportunities to familiarize themselves with the Laws of the Game, decision making with the Laws of the Game and gain some hands on experience implementing the laws of the game in low pressure situations (intramural games). We hope that this experience will prepare young referees to certify and become referees for ECYSA through the massref.net certification process.

Target Ages: We welcome players from 12 to 14 years of age, and parents/coaches of all ages. Interested participants who are 14 years or older can choose to do both the HWYSA program and the massref.net program.

Program Information

Part 1: At home videos and reading on the Laws of the Game.
Participants are expected to read through the Laws of the Game and watch related videos.

Part 2: In person training.
Participants will meet together as a group to review rules, practice some scenarios regarding the laws of the game, and discuss nuance in referee decision making.

Cohort Session Dates
Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Cohort 1: 3/20, 3/27, practice game 4/10
Cohort 2: 3/21, 3/28, practice game 4/10
*participants are required to attend one set of cohort dates, having two groups can help us be flexible

Part 3: Paid practice in intramural games. ($15/game)
Participants will have the opportunity to referee intramural games and receive coaching during games to prepare for certification at the ECYSA level. These games are paid as referees are officiating live intramural games for G2 players.

If you  have any time conflicts or questions about the program, please reach out. We can usually adjust things with small groups!

Ana Wacker
Director of Referee Development

Links for Coaches

IFAB Laws of the game (referees follow these laws in conjunction with the rules of competition)

IFAB considerations (questions referees ask themselves when enforcing the laws of the game, there are over 200 :)

Referee FAQs

Has it been a year since you were certified?
In order to be eligible to referee for the Fall 2020 season you must recertify as a referee. Please visit massref.net to register for one of the few remaining courses available. During COVID there are numerous online courses you can participate in, take advantage of this opportunity. Additionally, if you certify for Fall 2020 you will also be certified for all of 2021.

Interested in becoming a referee?

If you're 14 or older, you're eligible to referee games through ECYSA. Look up a referee certification course to complete before the start of the Fall 2020 season. This link takes you to the currently available courses.

Would you like to take the HWYSA referee certification course?
Glad you would like to be part of our third group of HWYSA referees. Please send me an email with you interest to [email protected], remember to check your emails as the start of the Spring 2021 season approaches. Also, be sure to frequently visit this page for any updates.

Have you completed the HWYSA certification course already?
Great! I'd love for you to continue to get experience refereeing intramural games. Please reach out to me to continue to be considered for the schedule for the upcoming Spring 2021 season.

Curious about becoming a referee, but not ready to jump right in?
Becoming a referee, especially at a young age, can be very intimidating. Sometimes it helps to test things out before fully committing. If you're curious about becoming a referee please email Ana Wacker at [email protected] We can schedule a game shadow of one of our HWYSA referees.

Referee Announcements

If you are curious about the life of a professional referee, check out Man in the Middle on UEFA.tv. The show showcases the stories of referees in Europe's Premier League. So fun!


HWYSA will be returning to a regular season with Spring. We will be continuing our referee development program as well. Please find the details of the program below


Current ECYSA referees, please make sure to re-certify if you  certified last winter. All summer certifications last for a year and a half. To certify again please visit massref.net.

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